Hi there! Welcome to my website and blog. I'm an artist painting in acrylics and although the usual rule is that an artist is supposed to focus on one subject or genre I'm afraid that doesn't appeal to me. I enjoy painting whatever takes my fancy - a flower, a tree, a valley with a barn or a dish on a table.

My still lifes are usually of single everyday objects - I see them as portraits. To me, each object has a personality and a hidden beauty. My landscapes show the effect of two seemingly opposite influences: my English upbringing and my life now on the west coast of Canada. I enjoy painting flowers for the challenge and what they can teach me about colour.

I came to fine art painting a little later in life and for the most part I'm self-taught. I studied design when I was younger and a few years ago decided to get serious about painting and see where it went. Please check out the galleries and also visit my blog.